We’re, as the saying goes…

We’re, as the saying goes, all over the place.
Steadfastness, it seems,
is more about dogs than about us.
One of the reasons we love them so much.

(How it is with Us, and How it is with Them, Mary Oliver)

After several failed download attempts, I’ve finally updated to OS X Mavericks and was excited to try out 3 things: Finder Tabs, Maps and iBooks. Browsing though (the US version) of the iBooks store, I was surprised to see Mary Oliver’s Dog Songs it the 5th slot of the New York Times Bestseller list – two slots below Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep.

I’d been disappointed to see, after downloading the preview, that the line cuts were awkwardly placed depending on the size of the Application’s Window and the length of the poem. In my honest opinion (since I know nothing about poetry), that this would be something an artist would likely protest.

There are things that should be left in print. (or very good digital typography)

A link to Mary Oliver’s Dog Songs @ USD12.99 can be found here:


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