An Explanation (or a proper first post)

Last September I found myself listening to fashion designer Rajo Laurel in the first session of iACADEMY’s iNSPIRE series for professionals. While it had been difficult to connect fashion design with computer science, it is not so different to note how one’s passion to do what one loves and enjoys translate very well in whatever industry you find yourself in. He began with what had inspired him to get into fashion-it donned on him as a little boy playing one of the children in a stage production of The King and I. From which he moved on to school (local and abroad, design related and business related whether by his choice or not), to starting his own business and how it lead to his current projects which include school supplies (a collaboration with National Bookstore), wedding cake design (in collaboration with Red Ribbon) and the advocacy Rags2Riches.

Infused in his lecture was his workspace and how important it was (among a lot of things) in the creative process. He had shown photographs of his home, his office and the many places he’s been to. This got me thinking (aside from how different places in the world have a certain shade/hue/saturation unique to them) of a project at that had gotten stuck in the tornado that was 2012 and 2013. And now, while I wait for Ubuntu 12.04 to finish updating so I can install the shiny new ROS Hydro because I seemed to have messed up ROS Fuerte, the said project is getting a decent post.

Day 0

To hopefully get my research-hat back on, The Little Robot Blogs will be part of my workspace, and in the next few days I think I’ll start writing about the things I’m working on that got me engrossed and excited to work. To kick it off, the photo above is what the lab looks like on an empty Saturday, my desk is actually behind the shelf.

4-up on 4-20-13 at 1.22 AM #4

And as far as old workspaces are concerned, I found this awkward selfie with the little robot him/herself behind me taken on a very early April overnighter just for kicks and giggles.


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