Dark Skies and Dirty Laundry

The country’s dirty laundry is out for the world to see after the typhoon Haiyan (or Yolanda, locally) hit. And it brings me back to sitting in a History class, being told that having 7, 107 islands was a logistical nightmare for those who clamored for freedom and independence. The largest island itself is not a stranger to this problem – if you were familiar with some aspects of the story about a President who had a Hero killed.

We can’t change the past any better than control what people are doing in the present. For all the good things that we say our culture has, we have historically been a divided people. This division is what makes us prone to greed and corruption and all the bad behavior that come hand in hand.

Ten years from now, will people finally learn the lesson? Will this be the storm that blows the blindfolds away?