From rosbuild to catkin

Git Commit from

Git Commit from

Converted an old package made with rosbuild from ROS Fuerte to catkin in ROS Hydro. It connects 2 AX-12 Dynamixels via USB. The move went through without any significant hitches (just had to copy files and change the permissions to access the USB port!) and I got to do an add/commit on the online repository I recently set up over at bitbucket.

For someone who’s tried the building a package from scratch in the early days of ROS to the introduction of rosbuild and rosws, the catkin setup was pretty simple and straightforward. Details for catkin here.

I think my favorite command is now sudo chmod 777.

I also just learned that in linux you can move one folder level down. Its cd – and not cd.. or cd / from MS-DOS that I keep trying to use. <insert face palm here>