Seven Years in a Box, a Decade in the Trash

The first OPW meeting with my mentors in December was the first I’ve used my desk at home in years. While they couldn’t really see the heap of things behind me, I was feeling a little guilty for all the clutter amassed since I finished undergrad and all the things I brought over from work after I resigned. So on the first weekend of the internship I went nuclear on all my stuff. I share the room with my brothers and I’m pretty sure they didn’t like that I turned the room upside down and started bombarding it with insect spray (there were termites in the baseboard!).

You’ll know how much procrastination went on by the items you find. For example:

I forgot to snap photos of dead keyboards, mice, graphics cards, and instruction manuals that we were still hoarding in that room. In the end, I was able to salvage 2 PSUs, a full ATX case, case fans, a box of Work related items and another  box of various cables. Almost a decade of computing paraphernalia went to the trash, which will most likely be sold and broken down for raw parts.

Unfuck your Habitat’s tagline is You’re Better than Your Mess. I think it means that whatever negative things have happened (or are happening) in the inside, it doesn’t have to translate to the outside. That or what you feel in the inside is not an excuse to not clean up.

The final setup?

2013-12-17 11.27.34

Box of work stuff not included in the photo. Plus that drawer over there contains things as far back as highschool. Probably for a different day…


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