Deploying Gazebo Simulations in CloudSim

Testing out the Actuation Challenge for use in CloudSim requires launching a Simulator-Stable constellation from a CloudSim instance, connecting through SSH and cloning the cloudsim-ed-actuation package from there. The deploy script from Hugo Boyer [1] accepts the bitbucket username and project name where the repository resides.

After the repository is cloned, the ROS-Groovy bash script is sourced. The catkin workspace is setup starting with the creation of the src directory where the package is copied to. The catkin_make install command is run from the project’s root folder/workspace to create the build and install spaces. 

When the project is built, the the setup script is sourced. This contains two scripts one is generated after calling catkin_make and the other[2] sets up the gazebo environment and adds the repository’s gazebo model package names to the GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH environment variable.

Score messages and the IPython notebook are setup until finally, the models are webified for use in gzweb.


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