GCB and the CloudSim Module

Google CourseBuilder (GCB) [1] was chosen to handle all MOOC related functions. While the prototype uses basic authentication to connect to CloudSim, future versions could use a single Google account to login to the course and CloudSim.

When a student registers for a course, the CloudSim IP, Username, Password and Simulator Name input fields need to be filled out. These credentials can be verified through the CloudSim link that is added to the navigation strip and can be updated from the Student progress link. These additional fields required editing the  following GCB files:

  • views/register.html
  • views/student_data_table.html
  • controllers/utils.py
  • models/models.py
  • modules/cloudsim_dash/cloudsim_dash.py

All CloudSim connections are handled by a new GCB module, cloudsim_dash.py and the cloudsim_rest_api.py from CloudSim v2.0.1 tools directory. Currently, the cloudsim_dash module handles connecting to simulation machines, creating and starting tasks, and retrieving the score. The module is also responsible for rendering pages concerned with CloudSim including the CloudSim link in navigation and start/finish challenge.

Several Issues

Making a connection with updated CloudSim credentials also leads a socket error if the challenge page does not go through a hard-reset. Possibly since the old credentials are accessed through the cache.  The said error can be replicated through the deployed GCB App [2] but not through the development copy.

Since assessment scores are derived from multiple choice or fill-in the blanks type exams, the simulation type assessment needs to be handled differently. Currently, the score and the student’s progress is updated but the overall score is still zero. Other scoring issues are concerned with cheating but for now is left to the mercy of the honor code.


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