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The Sourcing Gig

I was on the look out for full time work a few months back when a friend suggested that I try sourcing for an IT recruitment firm. As a sourcer, my job was to take a job opening, compose a meaningful search string from the job requirements to mine the job board resumes with and then reach out to possible candidates. The premise was that as a computer science major and despite having been mostly in academe for the last 6ish years, I would be able to read and understand job requirements a little better thus end up with a good candidate pool. The boss describes it (and recruitment really) as an easy job, but difficult to do well. Read More…


Mentor Quote #6

The search for perfect clarity and absolute precision is impossible; you will never complete that search.

So give it up.

From Walter Sinot-Armstrong’s Think Again course via coursera on the construction of arguments. He further suggests to aim for adequate clarity and precision.

Seven Years in a Box, a Decade in the Trash

The first OPW meeting with my mentors in December was the first I’ve used my desk at home in years. While they couldn’t really see the heap of things behind me, I was feeling a little guilty for all the clutter amassed since I finished undergrad and all the things I brought over from work after I resigned. So on the first weekend of the internship I went nuclear on all my stuff. I share the room with my brothers and I’m pretty sure they didn’t like that I turned the room upside down and started bombarding it with insect spray (there were termites in the baseboard!).
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Mentor Quote Series (#5)

On the discussion of NVidia and Radeon Drivers:

Finding less hits on google might mean that the proprietary drivers are more stable.

Makes sense, people aren’t complaining about bugs and are relatively happy with their hardware… right? (That or nobody is buying them)

Mentor Quote Series (#4)

Don’t take pride on traits you can get because of good genetics. Character is what defines you.

From a math professor years ago.